fellowshipThere are plenty of ways to enjoy fellowship at Mosborough Methodist Church.


Tuesday House Fellowship

Even though we are fewer in numbers, we continue to meet on a Tuesday evening whenever possible. We often study the York Courses which we usually find to be interesting, challenging and inspiring.

We are a friendly, compassionate, non-threatening prayerful group, offering support for one another. And of course we finish each evening with coffee and cake – and sometimes even more!


Tuesday House Group

We meet together on a fortnightly basis (Tuesday evenings) sharing a number of topics. We have been studying different books of the Bible. We often use study guides accompanied by DVD presentations featuring discussions on the topics in question. The study guides contain teachings, key truths, Bible studies, daily readings and further questions for discussion. The book we are currently working with is Genesis and this is providing many lively and interesting sessions.

Our meetings serve to deepen our faith while providing many prayer opportunities. The varying views of the group serve both to challenge and confirm our own beliefs.


Thursday House Group

A small group, we like to keep our brain active on Christian topics. Always ready to welcome visitors and new members. We meet on a Thursday afternoons.


Tuesday Network Fellowship

We meet monthl yfor a tea ‘n’ chat afternoon with a speaker. Once we start the ladies going on a subject, there’s no holding them back, and sometimes we wander far from the original topic! It’s very interesting for the younger members to listen to the stories and memories of the older ladies, ranging from holidays when they were young to their first jobs.

New members are always welcome



Mosborough Methodist Church
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